By-Product: In a series of three performances Jaap Groen and myself are struggling with a painted piece of canvas to see what remains after working it and purposely creating a by-product.

Synopsis: The short film ‘By-product’ is the residue of a long and recurrent process that took place in the summer of 2014. Jaap and Jules, both visual artists, physically struggled with the primal components one needs in making a painting: canvas, paint, brushes, focus and patience.

By putting their actions on itself on scène instead of what is created by them, a strange way of competition emerges. This way they do not have to deal with the results of their actions, for example the accumulation of layers of paint, but merely the consequences, like opening up previous layers of paint. The canvas starts to behave in its own way, which is the invitation for Jaap and Jules to react upon.

The identity of By-product is on the intersection of a short film and a recorded performance. A piece about actions and invitations that, when played by two persons, can become a game.

Screenings: Erarta Motion Pictures Festival at Erarta Museum. Russia, Saint Petersburg 25-03 / 29-03 2015

By-Product Poster-image